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Giving Options: You Can Be Their Angel

There are more than 300,000 stray or unsocialized cats in Southern Nevada. Providing proper care and medical services for these community cats is extremely expensive.  If you love cats as much as we do, please find it in your heart to become a generous donor to Community Cat Angels. Large or small, all contributions are sincerely appreciated and they have a significant impact on our services.  As a 100% volunteer group, all donations go straight to cats needing daily care and medical support.  The funds we raise directly impact the amount of cats we can provide services for. With your assistance, Community Cat Angels has the ability to rescue, vet, and re-home more cats in need.


Monetary Donations

Monetary donations are the basis of our annual budget.  Our immediate and most important need is to raise enough funds in order to provide life-saving medical procedures and treatments for the cats we rescue. From caring for pregnant ferals to assisting cats with severe injuries.   You can make a contribution, in any amount, to support our General Medical Fund which is used in dire emergency situations for life-saving surgery of badly injured cats. Your contribution to the General Medical Fund will have double impact because each gift will be matched 100% by another generous donor.   You can also target a one-time donation supporting a specific need that interests you most.

If you are concerned about the welfare of cats and kittens, please consider a one-time gift, or better yet, join our monthly giving program titled CLAWS.   Your donation of any amount is appreciated. 

  • Distemper shot - $10
  • Rabies shot - $15
  • Month food supply for a kindle of kittens - $25
  • Veterinary visit for sick or injured cat - $75
  • Microchipping a litter of kittens - $80
  • Neuter of a male community cat - $100
  • Spaying of a female community cat - $150
  • Euthanasia for a cat that can’t be saved - $100

    If you would like to make a secure donation, please select the “Donate” button.  Payment methods accepted will be PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.


    CLAWS Program

    If you have ever observed a feline for any length of time, you realize the level of ferociousness in their play. They stalk, they pounce, they bite, they claw.  In other words, kittens are like the big wild cats but only in small bodies. Through your generosity, you can become a roaring champion for helpless kittens and cats.  Our spokes-cat invites you to become a member of CLAWS, our monthly giving club:

    Your support will help feed unsocialized/stray cats, emergency medical care for critically injured cats or those with serious illnesses, Trap/Neuter/Return of unsocialized cats and our Foster Program.

    • The Leopard Level – Contribute $10 per month
    • The Lynx Level – Contribute $25 per month
    • The Tiger Level – Contribute $50 per month
    • The Lion Level – Contribute $100 per month

    If you would like to be a monthly contributer to our CLAWS Program, simply select the appropriate level of giving.   Payment methods accepted will be PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.

    Facebook Fundraiser

    If you would like to create a Facebook fundraiser for Community Cat Angels you can do so by selecting the "Facebook Fundraiser" image below:

    Facebook Fundraiser

    In-Kind Donations

    In-Kind donations of cat food, litter, blankets, bedding, traps, pet store gift cards -- are always needed and will be put to the best use possible.  You can also check out our Wish lists where you can send items we currently need straight to our rescue.

            Dry and wet cat and kitten food
            Litter and litter boxes
            Cat trees, towers, blankets and beds

    If you would like to make a donation from our Wish Lists, please click on the image buttons below.

    Inspiring Donations

    Another easy way to support Community Cat Angels is every time you shop.  We are currently participating with Smith's Inspring Donations and AmazonSmile.

    If you would like to make a participate in the donation programs, please click on the image buttons below.


    Individuals, businesses, and community organizations are welcome to support the Community Cat Angels cause with sponsorships. Email for additional information.

    As a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization, donations and gifts to Community Cat Angels are tax-deductible. Every donation is recorded. For tax write-offs, email